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Synthetic Slings

Synthetic Slings: Benefits and Usage Tips

The growing demand from construction, mining, shipping, aviation, and other heavy industries has led to an increase in the use of various heavy lifting equipment and accessories. For instance, the glo
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Silverback Slings

6 Advantages of Lifting with HHI Silverback Slings

Thanks to primary driving forces like the construction, oil and gas, mining, and offshore wind power, the global heavy lifting industry is on the rise. One of the most critical pieces of equipment req
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All You Need to Know about HHippo Link Soft Shackle

Traditionally, soft-shackles have been a popular element of a lifting rope, especially in the sailing and shipping industry. Post the industrial revolution, soft shackles, and even lifting ropes were
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How Can Hammerhead® Slings Help You

The industrial lifting equipment market is one of the fastest-growing businesses in the world. According to a recent study, it is estimated to grow from $63.96 billion in 2018 to $79.73 billion by 20
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Material Handling Equipment

How to Determine the Cost of Material Handling Equipment

Material handling involves moving, loading, unloading, pushing, pulling, storing, lifting, picking, placing, and retrieving products or goods in a factory or warehouse. It has been a critical part of
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