Long-lasting and Lightweight Synthetic Slings | Holloway Houston, Inc.

We provides swift, efficient custom Synthetic Slings…

At Holloway Houston, we understand that our customers’ applications must always operate at peak performance. This is why we offer a wide range of lightweight synthetic slings that can withstand the arduous working loads you demand.

By manufacturing using the highest quality materials available to the industry, Holloway Houston provides swift, efficient custom sling fabrication at whatever time, for whatever industrial application. Lightweight and extremely flexible, quick-to-deploy and easy-to-handle, our top-of-the-line synthetic sling line is economical and long-lasting. We also offer aftermarket service inspection and re-certification as needed.

Flat Web Slings

Polyester or Nylon

Good for accessing in awkward locations and wide flat load bearing surfaces. Provides smooth lifting of fragile objects. Anti-cut and abrasion resistant. Cordura protection available. Available in various finishes.

Silverback HHIperlift Slings

An exceptional lightweight sling that can lift from 18 tons to 600 tons @ 5:1 ratio with exceptional performance. Adaptable to extreme environments and proof-tested prior to shipping.

Endless and Eye & Eye Round slings


Holloway Houston’s dual-layered round slings offer the benefit of more even wear due to changeable load bearing points as compared to slings with eyes.