Certified Wire Rope Slings Manufactures | Holloway Houston, Inc.

Holloway Houston manufactures and assembles a wide variety of slings and premier lifting appliances for the oilfields, construction, OEM, Aerospace and other industries.

  • 3-Part EIPS slings
  • 9-Part EIPS slings
  • Bridle slings
  • Eye and eye
  • High-capacity low-headroom grommets
  • Pendant lines (socket lines)
heavy-duty wire rope slings-1
heavy-duty wire rope slings-2
heavy-duty wire rope slings-3

To assure traceability, customers are provided with complete data books, All Holloway Houston slings have heavy-duty stainless steel tags marked with an invoice number and other pertinent information. These tags enable Holloway Houston to provide the wire rope mill certificates, proof test and conformance certifications, MTR’s, and other information you might need.

Three-Part EIPS Slings

Nine-Part EIPS Slings

Bridle Slings

Eye & Eye

High Capacity Low Headroom Grommets

Pendant Lines (Socket Lines)